Sunday, November 05, 2006

You’ve been squinting into that
bright mid-afternoon light
bouncing off the hood of your car,
for over two weeks now,
and don’t think
I haven’t thought about your discomfort.
I have.
Your unprotected eyes
haven’t left my mind since
you and your friends
stopped by the house
on that glowing summer’s day.

And when darkness came to fall,
you went your way,
little knowing that
you’d left something of yourself behind.
Something that’s had a lasting effect on me,
and I just wanted to let you know,
I wore your sunglasses during sex.

Yes, I wore your sunglasses during sex
and personally see no problem with this.
Your chastity has not been violated… much.
I mean, you weren’t even there.
Indeed, you were miles and miles away.

But your sunglasses?
Your sunglasses have seen things.
Strange things.
Deviant things.
Freaky things.
Oh so many partners
in oh so many ways.

And here I want to compliment you
on the fact your sunglasses fit so snugly.
This, because there are
numerous positions of the Karma Sutra
where they would surely have slipped off
were they not wrapped around my head
so tightly.
Oh, this is not to say that when
things got… energetic,
they didn’t fly off at times;
that they didn’t fall into areas
which caused momentary discomfort.
And this might explain why
when you put them on now,
they may fit a bit wonky.

And yet, after all this,
I knew I had to return them,
because of course they are yours.
Yes, everything about them still is
and always will be

Except… there may be
Moments in the future
when a savage sun is beating down and
what with precious sunglasses donned,
you may find yourself
thinking of me.
And though they might provide comfort,
take care.
For there as you pass down asphalt roads
with chiaroscuro landscapes scrolling
sun to shade;
light to dark,
beware the shadows,
for there within
certain visions may appear.
Glimpses of activity that may startle
or excite.

Indeed, as dark as your sunglasses now seem,
they are far darker still
than you ever imagined.

Oh yea.
And that big naked dude you see reflected in a mirror?
That would be me.

©06 Jack Hubbell

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