Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I was right all along.
But you,
sorely misdirected,
were left alone.
it was all that was left for you.
You were good at calculations and logic,
but when they gave you the order of,
"Right face!"
you always fucked up, didn't you?
You were so out of touch with
your leanings
that you thought Kruchev
was a neat guy!
I'm not perfect.
Strangely (though not amazing),
with my eyes closed,
I always swam counter-clockwise.
Something to do with the power of the stroke.
And speaking of strokes,
if I had one in my right hemisphere,
what would I have left?
I wouldn't be able to right, er. I mean
write this drivel.
That wouldn't be all right.
No more "Bomb Hanoi!" politics.
Jingos away!
Everything would be left for me to reason.
Well, that most certainly wouldn't be right
would it?
What's left to say?

©89 JDH

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