Sunday, November 26, 2006

I have moments of confusion.
Moments when say…
I lose my train of automobile and
plain of existential what-the-fuck.
I stammer.
I stutter.
I speak in tongues with a mouthful of
depression compression suppress
shun all conversa…tion.

Aphasia is a partial or total loss of
the ability to articulate ideas of any form.
It is mostly caused by brain damage of some sort.
Pretty cool, huh?
Wanna be a poet?
Lookin to put together some creative word couplets?
Gotta get yourself a load o’ brain damage.
Aphasia on a hoagie bun,
extra cortex sans syntax and
hold the mayo clinic.

In my lifetime, I’ve been knocked unconscious twice.
That is, twice that I know of.
Could have been more or less more,
or less than that.
I’ll never be able to give you an
absolute response on that
since an unknown portion of my brain
is tapioca pudding.

I’ve been trying to ascertain
how the presence of brain damage
might manifest itself but
nothing comes to mind.
“Nothing comes to mind.”
Get it? Oh, I
do amuse myself at times.
Do you think brain damage is funny?
Well… Not the
railroad-spike-in-the-cranium mega-ouch part.
Geez! I’m talking ‘bout
all the silly things that transpire in the
funhouse reality that surfaces later.
Like when I come walking out of the toilet,
and let’s say aphasia steps forth
right about the time I was
supposed to have tucked myself in and
zipped up the ol’ fly.
Course, I wouldn’t know,
and after a good chuckle, you
stride across the room to
initiate a conversation with something
pertinent like:
“Hey Jack.
You ever been knocked out?”

This coded question would
instantly enable a
good portion of my brain to
jump the pudding gap and
communicate with some
other semi-functional area.
With this,
I would instantly zip my fly and then tuck.
Or is that tuck first, then zip?
Zip/Tuck? Tuck/Zip?
Frickin aphasia is a frickin curse
if you get my frickin meaning.

the point I’m trying to make here is… um… uh…
What are you looking at?

Is my pudding showing again?

©06 Jack Hubbell

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