Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Without Tails
I have a hole in my leg
and feel this is significant.

Oh, I’ve had my flesh gouged before.
Had it sliced and torn open.
I’ve had internal bones cracked and broken.
Yea, I’ve had things happen to me;
things that damaged me.
Outside forces and outside actions
doing their best to alter the inside me.
But this hole in my leg?

This hole acknowledges that
there’s something on the inside of me
that’s not right.
Something that requires repair.
Something I could not fix myself.
And I’m forced to admit to myself that
I’m defective.
It is not something I’m particularly happy with.
Yes, I have a hole in my leg where
a surgeon had to do
what I
could not.

There is no factor of
an iguana’s tail to be had in my leg.
No. I’ve been forced to conclude that
I’m all parts human and
zero parts reptilian.
You know, if I had a tail
and it snapped off right now,
I wouldn’t miss it.
Spontaneous loss and
autotomic regeneration?
If only I could apply that to my knee, but…
I ain’t of that species.
No. No. No.
For me, it’s only a one way trip.
Nothing but rot.
Nothing but internal decay.

“Oh come on Jack!
Snap out of it!
How about a little optimism for fuck sake?
You’re bringing us all down.”

Well hey. Listen up.
Entropy is universal.
It seeks all.
In the immortal words of Neil Young:
“Rust Never Sleeps.”
And guess what kiddies?

You ain’t stainless steel.

You’re not spry little iguanas either.
Oh, you can pretend you are.
You can pretend you’ve all got cute
snappy little tails.

You can pretend.
But when you head out that door
be careful.
Watch your tails,
cause when they’re gone…

©06 Jack Hubbell.


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