Thursday, May 04, 2006

Electrical Devices
I just read that a paralyzed man
was able to use a microchip
implanted in his brain
to turn on his television,
change the volume,
and switch channels.

And what I want to know is,
what level of physical degradation
do I have to achieve before I
qualify for this operation?

Indeed, I feel I’ve been
in training for this moment my entire life.
Just imagine the level of lethargy I’ve had to maintain.
There. Just now, I had to utter
“level of lethargy”.
Those two leading ‘Ls’ forced me to
raise my tongue to the roof of my mouth twice.
Have you any idea of the
effort that’s involved?

Now granted I get some surgeon to
embed that chip in my brain,
it’s not gonna help me lift my tongue.
In an effort to sustain my
overall physical entropy,
I suppose I could hire someone to
lift my tongue as needed,
but how am I to know when I
will or won’t be uttering some ‘L’ word?
Let’s be real.
It would pretty much be a 24/7 job,
and who you gonna get to do that, huh?
Some American?
Ain’t no American
gonna maneuver my tongue
at minimum wage.

And we must acknowledge that
there are things to be done with my tongue
that only I will be able or willing to do.
Slots that no stunt-double would ever be able to fill.
Now having said that,
there are slots that electrical devices can fill.
But, I don’t want to go into this too deeply
or repeatedly.

For most, to have an electrical device
inserted into ones body is fairly horrific,
and yet some find it quite pleasurable.
I find this puzzling and yet, here I am,
fantasizing about having this microchip
crammed in my brain.

So… Okay.
Let’s say I do have a circuit card wedged
right here in my cerebellum.
As a matter of fact, I did it last night,
all by myself with only a butter knife
(but that’s another story).

Knowing how brain waves work and how
one part of the cortex communicates with another,
isn’t there a chance that this
one electrical device buried deep within me
might somehow be capable of
directly communicating with
that special device
buried there
within you?

Dare say, I think it’s working.
Somehow I sense
you can
feel it, for
why else
would you be

©06 Jack Hubbell


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